Classic Motorcycle Plates

We start with sheet aluminium, so we can make almost any size of plate you require. Below is only a few examples from our extensive range.

Our motorcycle plates are also available in the reversed engraved acrylic "Mirrorline style"

Reflective (i.e. black on yellow) plates were introduced on to our roads in January 1973. These are also exclusively available in pressed metal, with the same range of sizes.

Motorcycle Range of Plates
Shaped dimensions pressed plate

With "Standard" Motorcycle plates having 2 1/2" digits and "Trials" having 1 3/4" , there are a variety of overall sizes of plate available. Our "Shaped" plate is specifically suited to Triumph and BSA motorcycles with the combined tail light and number plate bracket.

Curve plate dimensions custom

Our curved plates are made to an internal radius of 19" and are 2.1/2" high

A standard curved plate for up to 6 digits

Curve plate dimensions aluminium custom

A standard curved plate for up to 7 digits

Shaped Motorcycle Aluminium Brushed
Lambretta curve plate aluminium black silver
Motorcycle plates range aluminium polished classic
Lambretta Motorcycle Embossed Plate

Custom Plates

We are always happy to provide 'custom-made' plates manufactured to suit a supplied template or measurements. Non-standard size curved front plates can be cut to required shape and embossed but a surcharge will be payable for the extra shaping involved, e.g. this applies to Triumph front number plates when they fit in a curved chrome frame.

triumph front curve numberplate aluminium frame
Trials polished aluminium number plate

Motorcycle Curve Plate Clips

We can now offer the clips to secure your pair of curved plates to the mudguard.

These are £15 for a set.

Motorcycle curve clips mudguard