Modern Numberplates

Much like with our classic plates, we specialise in bespoke modern plates, along side the standard acrylic plates. We are able to supply modern number plates for Cars & Motorcycles and Electirc vehicles in almost any size, and keep many specialised Rolls Royce, Rover and Bentley plates in stock.

We are also able to manufacture the latest UK legal Gel Digit or "4D" plates for cars for that extra special finish.

Our pricing and delivery is very competitive compared to other national suppliers.

eg. Standard UK pair of car plates is £25, with Gel digit or 4D plates being £38 a pair including VAT.

Please get in touch for more details or to order.

GEL DIGITS Modern Mini
Electric Acrylic plate modern
4D Peugeot Modern White
4D oversize rear plate Overfinch
Corvette C4 Plastic plate