Terms & Conditions

1. DELIVERY TIMES - We can NOT accept any orders that are subject to a specific delivery date. Whilst we always endeavour to produce and deliver within a reasonable time i.e.5 to 10 days-our volume of orders varies considerably and in recent years has considerably increased as our reputation is enhanced and our competition diminishes.

2. QUALITY OF PRODUCT - We always aim to give the very best quality that we can BUT over the past 50 years it has become increasingly harder to obtain quality and specification of raw materials that we use - often we reject approximately 5% of all finished products due to faults and remanufacture again which also delays deliveries.

3. METHOD OF ORDERING - After many years of experience we will ALWAYS hold to our method (a) requiring precise written orders, (b) issuing exact detailed pro-formas (on expensive items) (c) seeking full payment in advance and proceeding at as pace holding to the principle - “lack of planning on our clients part, does NOT constitute a state of emergency with us”, i.e. plan your requirement in advance.

4. CONCOURS PLATES - Whilst appreciating and understanding full meaning of “concours”- we wish to state we DO NOT make concours plates - whilst we believe our plates represent very good value (especially since they represent over 80 years of manufacturing experience) and quality for the prices paid - we are realistic and although we understand perfectionist car owners (being ones ourselves) we know that judges expect perfection which is usually outside any commercial restraints in which business is conducted.

5. FINALLY - As a MAJOR condition of sale we remind all of our clients that the purpose of a number plate is to correctly and legally portray an identity mark relevant to the age and requirements of the vehicle; and is sold as such and whilst we take great pride in our quality and achievements, they are NOT WORKS OF ART - but they represent functional requirements at a reasonable price and great quality.